Many Brazilians want finance home own. And with the drop in the interest rate for this type of credit, the financing rate has increased considerably.

Financial institutions have sought to facilitate access to this alternative, such as rates below 8% per year.

However, if you want to fulfill the dream of having a home to call your own, it is necessary to put some tips into practice to speed up the process, and also to avoid headaches due to small details.

And to help you, we’ve separated 5 golden tips for those who want finance a house.

Keep your CPF clean and score well

Keeping the CPF clean is essential for anyone looking to seek real estate financing. This is because it is based on the consultation of this identification number that the financial institution will analyze your profile.

The dirty name practically makes it impossible to pass this type of sport. Therefore, always focus on keeping your CPF out of the SPC and Serasa.

Furthermore, it is important to focus on increasing your score, as it is also used by financial institutions to assess who is a good payer. To improve this index, you can put some habits into practice:

  • Have basic bills in your name, such as electricity and water;
  • Make the Positive Registration;
  • Don’t delay paying bills.

Have all the documentation at hand to carry out the financing

Many people manage to gather the necessary resources, which have a clean name and a good score, but, when finalizing the financing contract, they end up bumping into the documentation issue.

And the lack of documents can completely stop the process. From proof of residence, to proof of income, each document is essential for the negotiation.

Therefore, the ideal is to gather all the documentation before starting the search for real estate. In addition, at Agiliza Crédito Imobiliário you can have professional guidance on all the documents needed to file your mortgage.

See if it is possible to use the FGTS

One of the possibilities of using the FGTS is for finance the house and other residential properties. Currently, all financial institutions accept this modality.

So, one more tip is to check if it is possible to use the guarantee fund.

Depending on the accumulated value, you can only use the FGTS money to make the down payment on the property, which makes the process much easier and also allows you to have better payment terms.

Is it necessary to have an account at the bank where you want to apply for mortgage loans?

It is important to emphasize that, by law, banks cannot require the opening of an account for the granting of financing. However, this ends up making the whole process easier, even in relation to payments that can be made automatically to your account.

Gather resources to make a good input

Chances of approval for a mortgage loan increase with the down payment you make. The bigger it is, the more chances of approval you will have, and also of getting better financing conditions.

Also, keep in mind that several banks require a minimum down payment to grant this credit. On average, the input applied is 30%, but some financial institutions require a minimum amount of 10%.

So, if the apartment you want to finance costs R$200,000, you will need at least R$20,000 in down payment. So focus on saving enough resources to have a good amount of down payment.

Do you want professional help for finance your house? So, contact Agiliza Crédito Imobiliário right now.

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