According to a survey by Mind Miners, more than 50% of respondents want to have a Own home. However, it is normal that many Brazilians end up being afraid to make such an investment.

Whether to pay for the property in cash, in the plan or even to finance, it is necessary to assess the situation of the real estate market and also of the economy as a whole.

Is the real estate market at a good time to invest in your own home?

Several factors have contributed to a more promising scenario for those who want to invest in carrying out this project. The Selic, which the basic interest rate that guides all segments of the economy, had a historic drop.

It reached 4.25% per year. In addition, the banks and financial institutions themselves are investing in more affordable real estate credit lines for Brazilians, some already with interest rates of 7% a year.

In addition, according to the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers (Abrainc), every time the interest on real estate financing drops by 1 percentage point, the number of families financing the own home about up to 20%.

It should also be noted that in 2019, according to Abecip (Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities), there was a 15% growth in the amount of real estate financing. And for 2020 the expectations are the best.

Example of interest difference in property financing

But in practice, how are home loans becoming more affordable and advantageous? To demonstrate we are going to give two examples of home loan simulation. One with the conditions of 2016, and the other with the conditions of 2018, when interest and rates have already started to decrease.

A property of BRL 200 thousand financed in 2016 will have the following conditions:

  • An administration fee of R$6,000;
  • An insurance/guarantee fund of R$7,747.52;
  • The rate per year was 12.5%;
  • The first installment would have the value of BRL 2,238.26 and the last would be in the amount of BRL 666.67

In addition, you would have to make a minimum down payment of R$40 thousand and the total installments would be 200. At the end of the financing, the total amount paid was R$362,339.18.

Now, let’s do this simulation taking into account the same amount of installments and the down payment, but with the 2018 conditions.

  • An administration fee of R$6,000;
  • An insurance/guarantee fund of R$7,747.52;
  • However, in 2018 the annual rate was around 8.5%.
  • The first installment would be R$1,758.11 and the last only R$670.41.

In other words, at the end of the financing, you would have paid R$305,265.40. This represents savings of almost R$ 60 thousand when buying the own home!

Why is now the time to invest in the purchase of your own property?

Are you still in doubt whether it’s worth investing in this dream right now? So check below some of the advantages of the real estate market today.

  • Interest less than 10% per year

For the first time after the crisis, the market is managing to keep annual interest rates below 10%. This is an excellent alternative for those who want to buy the property to live in, as well as for renting it later.

Due to the expansion of credit lines, it is now possible to find smaller installments for those who want to finance. In fact, in many cases, the person is able to pay less than the rent.

  • Alternatives beyond Minha Casa Minha Vida

Today, many banks are investing in more affordable terms for those who want to finance a property. It is even possible to find credit lines as advantageous as the Minha Casa Minha Vida program.

And considering that this initiative is undergoing a redesign, looking for lines of credit can be an excellent option.


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