Understanding how to truly win more and more clients for your service is one of the most essential and challenging tasks of a real estate agent’s daily life, isn’t it?

There is no doubt that there is a great demand for the purchase and sale of real estate, but finding the right client at the perfect time to make a deal is the great difficulty for any broker, and, therefore, we have several tips for you to achieve, every day more, consumers of your service!

Dedicate yourself to your image

Professionals from all areas need to look after their own image. There is no need for excessive care or out of your reach, try to present yourself quite consistent with the expected appearance of someone truly successful in your market.

According to countless studies, our appearance is capable of communicating the confidence and professionalism that so many clients look for in a real estate agent. Invest in more social clothing to meet potential customers of your service.

Be present in digital

With all the advancement and popularization of technologies, it is essential to be present in the digital environment: a professional website, a blog with up-to-date and eye-catching content and social networks, such as a profile on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, talking about your work and experiences in this market, can be wonderful alternatives.

It is important that you dedicate yourself to consistency, professionalism and a lot of responsibility with all the information disclosed. Deal with subjects that truly interest the public you want to attract to you, and make all the differentials of your services very clear.

If you pay attention to these items, there is no doubt that you will be able to reach more and more people and thus be able to close good deals with countless new customers.

always be up to date

Think about being the customer, being interested in a property, and end up discovering, when contacting the broker, that the disclosure is out of date and the property is no longer for sale? Definitely frustrating, isn’t it?

That’s exactly why, every time a new property is included in the portfolio or is rented or sold, remember to keep the information you disclose on your networks updated, thus ensuring that no chance of business escapes or that the view of your service is corrupted.

Never forget those old customers

To keep your services always fresh in the minds of potential consumers, it is essential that you use two strategies, they are:

  1. Develop email tactics

For those clients who, at some point in their journey as a broker, were interested in your work, but at the time, for some reason, could not close a deal with you, a good email strategy can be a great alternative!

To use this simple and very efficient tactic, you must first invest in capturing e-mails from people who may be interested in the work of a realtor, for that you can make use of your website or blog.

Then, you should think about a very flashy and interesting wording for this email, with very clear information, data on your differentials as a broker and, mainly, with your well-defined contacts.

  1. trust the directions

If you’ve done a good job, you’ll definitely be able to maintain amazing relationships with your customers. Thus, a good strategy is to bet on the referral of these people, and one way to increase the chances of being nominated positively is to invest in unique differentials in your work, such as gifts, discounts or a more attentive and specialized service.

As already mentioned, the digital world has a strong performance in attracting new customers. Therefore, be sure to set aside a space in your networks so that people can leave opinions about your services, so that everyone who comes to you will see positive comments and indications and will feel more secure.

Well, now you know exactly what to do to reach those thousands of good customers you’ve always dreamed of. Be sure to look at the other contents of Agiliza Crédito Imobiliário, we are sure we can add a lot to you!

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